Meeting Time: August 21, 2023 at 6:00pm PDT
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Agenda Item

5.a) Presentation by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) on the Winecup Gamble Congressional Land Exchange followed by discussion and consideration of possible action from the Elko County Advisory Board to Manage Wildlife. 

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    John De Poutiloff about 1 month ago

    I am strongly opposed. Kroenke (WALMART) Gamble/Winecup using Western Land Group (lobbyists & ex-politicians) are bypassing BLM scrutiny and are NOT required to do a NEPA (national environmental policy act). This act alone should raise alarms that this will NOT benefit Nevada wildlife & people.

    The owners are real estate DEVELOPERS. If this backroom deal gets approved, the land use consequences are endless. If you look at the owner's history, it shows a pattern of blocking access to public lands & to folks that have leased land for a long time.

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    Mary De Poutiloff about 1 month ago

    Never held meetings to inform Montello locals, being fast tracked thru to Congress, Jan 2024, turning public land into private playgrounds, will not benefit people or wildlife. unequal land valuation,

    Please do not let congress sell us out. Maybe they are gaining by back room deals?

    Public land is public. When Kroenke bought this property he knew it was mixed between BLM land.

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    Karen Best about 1 month ago

    This is the backstabbing under the table deal that will destroy small communities that depend on summer tourism access to public lands and the fall hunter access. It will take mo ey away from NDOW and the state of Nevada.
    This wreaks of a California hand job to screw Nevadans and I am staunchly opposed!

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    Luisa Demorest about 1 month ago

    Not only does this affect hunters there are many people that just want to take a weekend cruise and they may lose access to their favorite spots. The businesses in Montello rely on the revenue during hunting season. Many people rely on the firewood that they are able to get from burn areas. This will have a large impact on Montello.

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    Don Halterman about 1 month ago

    This appears to be more than just a beneficial land swap. Well I am in favor of consolidating the so-called checkerboard land and making both BLM land and private land more contiguous, this proposed swap goes way beyond that. It is a land grab concocted by out of state owners to take advantage of the system. This area is already over grazed and the cattle are doing more and more damage to private property. I've lived in open range country for a number of years and I understand the principal, nonetheless ranch owners have been getting a free lunch at the expense of landowners all this time. Ranching provides me with delicious beef in the grocery store but at the same time I enjoy beautiful western landscapes, hunting, and other forms of outdoor recreation. Also the residents of the area I've been talking among ourselves and none of us can understand what the end goal of this land grab is, and it's frightening. I strongly oppose this corporate takeover of our rural and peaceful Valley.

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    Ted Taylor about 1 month ago

    I oppose this land swap. This land swap will allow Winecup to restrict access for hunting to the public in prime deer/elk habitat in exchange for us (public BLM) sage brush flats with not prime deer/elk habitat. This land transfer is very lopsided! We (public BLM) receiving 84k acres and Winecup receiving 240k acres! Land transfers should be 1:1 acre for acre.
    Ted Taylor
    Spring Creek, NV