Meeting Time: August 21, 2023 at 6:00pm PDT
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    Karen Hedden 6 months ago

    am horrified that Elko County would even entertain a large corporation being allowed to take over all the BLM land around the Pilot Valley area. They are not ranchers! They are from other states or countries. They are not good stewards of the land or their animals as they prove every year when they put out pregnant cows on land that has no feed and don't provide any supplementation for the animals. The animals always have scours and are so skinny you can see their pelvic and rib bones even though they are pregnant. They want to close off hunting? That is a money maker for this area. They will do "deprivation" hunts that will only enrich their pockets as they charge astronomical amounts to the rich and elite to come out and do a canned hunt.

    You are supposed to represent your constituents who are residents of this area. We may only have small farms and ranches but we still are tax payers who actually live here and deserve to be represented.

    This land grab, and that is exactly what it is, is designed to eventually lock the rightful residents from their land and homes. Why would you support this? I am appalled that my representative, Wilde Brough, would back them up and defend this corporation.

    Please do not let this happen to our area. We are already suffering from the effects of drought and wildfires. Their taking over of the area in a land grab would only exacerbate the problems we have out here.

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    John De Poutiloff 6 months ago

    Please join the opposition to this land GRAB. This precedent of congress (politicians) giving away public lands to wealthy land developers stinks to high heaven.

    Taxpayer subsidized solar farms to Chinese companies? Boondoggle wind farms to Danish companies? Gold mines to Canadian companies? Water piped to Vegas?

    Too many unknowns, but you can bet, this will NOT benefit the public and the wildlife that have roamed these areas forever.

    Thank you.

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    Mary De Poutiloff 6 months ago

    Strongly opposed. The billionaire land developer Stanley Kroenke owns Gamble/Winecup Ranch. Here is info about his history.

    This land giveaway must NOT happen. By law, it would have to benefit the public. How would it? Access would be denied to locals, hunters, people gathering wood, campers and nature lovers.

    This is some sort of scheme to exploit water, minerals, wildlife or install tax subsidized, Chinese solar farms, Danish wind turbines or pipe water to Vegas. The possibilities are endless and maybe unknown.

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    Jill Dean 6 months ago

    We are opposed to the WineCup Gamble land grab. This land grab does no one any good except make the wineCup owner richer. It takes revenue away from the county it takes resources away from the public and families who live out here.

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    Karen Best 6 months ago

    This is a crappy deal for Nevada that will only line the pockets of the ranch. Look at the LOST revenue for that the state and north east Nevada small communities that count on hunting season and summer tourists to have PUBLIC. Access to land. You can say there will be negotiation for access, but the hard cold fact is, on the land deal is done, the negotiations are done. Period. Contract signed. UNR will lose access to valuable fire watch equipment. Sportsman will lose access to hunting that equals a loss to NDOW and the state. Jeep clubs that hold rallys and spend money in small communities and many of which are land stewards, will. E locked out!
    This is shady underhanded deal that the ranch thinks they can exploit a loophole and it must BE STOPPED

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    Philip Shumway 6 months ago

    I oppose this transaction it will only benefit the wine cup gampbell ranch. The land deal is bad and favored to the ranch well removing public lands from public access. This is truly a special area to hunt.

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    Trula Limardo 6 months ago

    I have listened to three meetings over this issue..everytime I have come away shaking my head. The only one who would benefit from this is the Winecup Gamble. This would be a huge loss to the sportmen, recreational users and the people who live there. I am familiar with all the areas discussed as I grew up there and way back when married one of the cowboys from the ranch living on both the Gamble and Winecup side. A 3 to 1 land valuation is ridiculous..what can we the average citizen do to help keep this from happening? Please let us know.

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    Heidi Schwandt 6 months ago

    I strongly oppose this "subject up for discussion" on the Winecup/Gamble Ranch land swap. It would only benefit the ranch.