Meeting Time: January 18, 2023 at 3:30pm PST
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    Lynne Volpi over 1 year ago

    I strongly encourage the Board of Health to oppose any kind of moratorium on covid or flu vaccines in Elko County, as well as vaccine advertising. For a county commission that has always seemed determined to protect personal rights to choose, this proposal is very confusing to the constituents you represent. I cannot imagine any scenario in which a moratorium such as this is even legal. Please oppose this entire moratorium proposal. Lynne Volpi

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    Jan King over 1 year ago

    I was stunned to see Items E.1 & E.2 on the Board of Health's Agenda for the January 18 meeting.

    (1) Does the board of Health have the authority to "place a moratorium" on world-wide accepted medical practices?
    (2) Does the Board have the authority to control advertising in the County?

    Or is the person who proposed these topics just trying to get attention for himself and create a stir?
    In a community that pretends to be so concerned about government overreach, and that continually speaks out for our own personal freedoms, these would truly be hypocritical steps to take.

    Thank you, Jan King