Meeting Time: January 18, 2023 at 3:30pm PST
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    Jane Zugazaga 5 months ago

    I am surprised to see items E1 and E2 on the the Elko County Health Board agenda for January 18, 2023. This board should be working to improve the health of our citizens not shining an embarrassing spotlight on beliefs held by a few in our community.

    Our health care community was under great pressure at the height of the pandemic. Cooperation by various government agencies and healthcare professionals held vaccination clinics and an outpatient treatment center at GBC. I believe Elko county lost 165 individuals to the virus. That number would have been much higher without vaccinations and the hard work of our healthcare professionals.

    Elko county has difficulty attracting and keeping healthcare workers. Seeing the county health board consider such agenda items will not make recruitment easier.

    Why is the influenza vaccine mentioned? We have always encouraged flu vaccines.
    Are you going to try and prohibit rabies vaccines next?