Meeting Time: June 07, 2023 at 1:30pm PDT
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Agenda Item

L.2) Discussion and consideration to approve a quiet title action against Pilot Peak Land, LLC.   

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    Kathryn Wilson about 1 year ago

    Thank you very much. We need that done. It is what is right.

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    Luisa Demorest about 1 year ago

    Please vote to save our water.

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    Mary De Poutiloff about 1 year ago

    Please approve filing for a quiet deed on behalf of Southline water users. That water has been used by livestock, ranchers, wildlife, homesteads, hay fields, trees & gardens over 90 years. It has been put to beneficial use.

    Pilot Peak Land LLC applied for water rights in 2018. UT water resources in their approval letter stated that Pilot Peak Land LLC was liable if his use of water impacted us.

    For the past 5 years, it has impacted us. Less & less water flow to the complete stop. I called Ut water resources last year, they told me Mr. Jay Tanner said Pilot Peak was not taking, using or interfering with our water. This was proven wrong when miraculously the water came back on in November 2022. Too late for my trees, hay fields, garden and livestock. Then in February 2023 water stops again. Glad the cows could have water for the Winter.

    There are over 20 springs up Pilot Peak. There is enough water to share except for Mr. Dale Christiansen, Pilot Peak Land LLC.
    He wants it all.

    The past year, we have had water for 3 Winter months. Elko county continues sending a water bill each month.

    Please help us with our fight against this water grab. There are13 connections on the Southline pipeline. Do not let some men's greed destroy our valley.

    Thank you.