Meeting Time: April 05, 2023 at 1:30pm PDT
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Agenda Item

O.5) Discussion and consideration of a motion directing staff to submit an application for a grant to construct a non-motorized path connecting Spring Creek Elementary and Liberty Peak Elementary schools through a Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program Grant.  

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    Leslie Creel about 1 year ago

    I access the Spring Creek bike path with my kids by traveling along Spring Creek Parkway. It is a tense ride. Better access would increase the use this great asset, encourage bicycle commuting through enhanced connectivity and improve the quality of life for all area residents.

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    Carrie Gregory about 1 year ago

    As the principal of Spring Creek Elementary I am fully supportive of the construction of a non-motorized path connecting Spring Creek Elementary and Liberty Peak Elementary as well as the newly constructed Boys and Girls Club. The children and families in the area are limited to riding bikes and enjoying walks on busy streets. The non-motorized path would give children and their families a safe way to enjoy outdoor activities such as biking and walking without having to worry about traffic. Children could safely ride their bikes or walk to the Boys and Girl's Club as well as school. My biggest concern would be what the highway crossing would look like but I'm sure that could be addressed safely.

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    Keri Hysell about 1 year ago

    I am extremely opposed to this grant proposal! This seems to benefit a small amount of members in our community and besides connecting the schools to The Boys and Girls Club and there transportation issue what would actually be beneficial to the majority of the community? How many miles is it between Liberty Peak Elementary and the Boys and Girls Club? In reality how many parents would actually allow there children to not only walk that far but to cross a dangerous highway? I know i wouldn't! You couldn't pay me enough to risk their lives! Who is responsible for the liability of students walking to The Boys and Girls Club after school? Never make it? Or get hurt? What about students from Sage Elementary, are they expected to walk to The Boys and Girls Club as well? We have a non-motorized path that connects Sage Elementary, SCMS, SCHS to residential areas, will that path be granted the same type of upkeep as this new path will have? Especially in the winter time I've never seen it plowed! And I have lived here before that path was put in! What about a bridge over the highway? Cost? ETA for construction? What about the danger of students walking to The Boys and Girls Club? We've had numerous times where students were dropped off at their bus stop and there was a car trying to get/take these students (This just happened the week of Spring Break release)! Besides connecting schools to The Boys and Girils Club this grant doesn't benefit majority of the community!

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    Bethany Headley about 1 year ago

    I strongly support this proposal. My children attend school along this roadway, and every day I see children walking, joggers and dogs being walked just a couple feet from traffic. For years I've been hoping for a path like this to be established. It would create fewer distractions for drivers, would keep the children and walkers safe, and would allow for safe bike travel - something that really hasn't been an option with the current setup.

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    Neena Moore about 1 year ago

    I live a half mile from Spring Creek Elementary and I do not walk my two children to school because walking on Licht Parkway is too dangerous. A walking path would give us the ability to walk to school which would also reduce my car in an already overcrowded parking lot.

    One of my favorite past times is walking/run with my dog. But he is still a puppy and love to run toward traffic. This walking path would give us a safe path to explore.

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    Jamie Joggerst about 1 year ago

    I highly support this proposal to construct a paved path between the two elementary schools and boys and girls club. There are no sidewalks in Spring Creek thus walking or biking along the roads are dangerous. This path would also allow for safer traveling along the dirt shoulder as it’s often challenging to ride or walk with rocks and uneven ground along the path. Just as adding paved walkways at the marina and along Lamoille highway has been a major improvement, paving between the schools and club would also see the same benefits.